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Don’t Move, We’ll Handle Everything

What is the price of a moving? What are the costs that increase your budget, such as traffic conditions, access to your home and the constraints to be taken into account when moving? Find all our tips for organizing your cheap move with movers and packers.


What are the practical and easy tips that you can put in place to lower the cost of your Moving and Packing?

1 – Reduce The Move Volume:

To reduce the cost of your move, you can reduce the volume to transport and sell your unused or damaged things, for example. Move On Services offers the best movers and packers in Dubai with different price ranges depending on the options chosen and your needs. To move inexpensively you can therefore only opt for a transport company in Dubai and take care of the rest of the removal yourself.

2 – Be Flexible

You can easily benefit from a several hundred euros reduction by being flexible on the date of your move. The move being a seasonal activity, in particular from June to September, the rates are also determined according to the demand. For example, avoid moving on weekends, weekends, or at the end of the month and perhaps consider requesting special moving leave on this occasion.

Choose the moving formula that suits you best while benefiting from the know-how of professional movers and a quality service for the safe transport of your goods.

House and apartment moving has now become a part of our life. For development in life and profession, we are often hesitant about changing locations.

Looking for professional office movers and packers? We are experts in the management of projects for the relocation of corporate assets in Dubai.

We have individual units for short-term and long-term periods. Our Moving and storage in Dubai space is fully climate-controlled and CCTV monitored 24/7.

Welcome to MoveOn Services Painting Services in Dubai offering the very best painting and decorative service to commercial/residential clients.

Let Move On Services Maids clean your Villa or Apartment and you be worry-free. You will save your precious time by allowing our maids to do the cleaning work.


From Start To Finish

Experience stress-free moving from start to finish with our expert team. We handle every detail, so you can relax and look forward to settling into your new home or office.

  • 5+ Years of experience
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    Full-value Damage protection

    24/7 Availability

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We don’t sacrifice consistency to provide low prices. Move On Services Emirates has been operating in the surrounding regions for a long time, with consistent success in changing services. The transport and storage capacity will describe prices. So, get Emirates quotes right now. We offer different services according to the needs of the Customer. Move On Services is known for going the extra mile to ensure Customer’s shipping satisfaction. Our support system is always ready to benefit our customers. You can get free-of-cost quotes at any time you need them from us in the Emirates.

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